I have decided that I am going to acquire a 7 inch tall version of Paris Bennett, whom I will keep in my desk drawer. Whenever I am feeling blue, I will pull her out, place her on my desk and she will sing ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ and will make adorable ‘choo-choo’ actions with her arm. Then I will feel better.

Also, am I the only one or does Paris remind anyone of Jane Horrocks in ‘Little Voice’?

22 thoughts on “Paris

  1. The pickle girl? I hope that’s McPhee.

    Last night I picked Paris, Lisa and McPhee as the top three. After careful reflection I’m throwing out Lisa because she looks like she should be starring in Fame.

    The rest of the girls are left way behind by those three.

    For the guys I want to see Taylor, Kevin and Chris go far. The Fred Savage lookalike needs to go.

  2. I think Paris and Mandisa were the best two of the night and this is from a guy who hates the post-‘Dreamboat Annie’ Heart. Although McPhee is good as well. And cute.

    Speaking of cute, Becky and Heather must realise that they’re in the top 24 because they can carry a tune and are reconkulously hot. Now they have to learn to sing.

    For the guys, I want Taylor to win but I don’t think the 15 year old girls who vote for this stuff can look past the fact that he’s, like, all old as dirt with that nasty gray hair.

    And Wayne Gretsky impersonator Patrick has one of the best lines of the season so far: “I’m not as pretty as Ace, but then, who is?”

    THE best line, of course, belongs to the cheque forging and identity-stealing Brittenum Twins: “My SPIRIT… has been … BROKEN!”

  3. Michel: ditto on the Brenna business… Her “look at me be so fly” attitude makes me want to bust through the t.v. and trip her during one of her booty-shakin’ dance routines.
    I think my spirit has been broken by her!

  4. Brenna bugs me. Making people think you want to have sex with them will only get you so far. But Kerry has a theory that she was the one responsible for Simon Cowell’s hickey last night. You DID notice Cowell’s hickey, didn’t you?

  5. That’s the booty shakin’ I was talking about! Notice everyone else in the huddle let Brenna do her own thing and kept her on the outside of the circle.
    Idol snubbing? Hmmmmmmmm….
    I’ll have to check that hickey thing out during the boys show tonight, I missed that comment last night!

  6. Mmmmm. Becky.

    No seriously.


    Best three last night:

    Paris, Mandisa, and McPhee (for the coolest name if nothing else – oh yeah – her ‘come to bed eyes’)

    Damn – this show makes me want to crawl into a dark space and rub my knees.

  7. Kowy, I am now convinced that Ace plans to sail through on good looks and that whole bedroom eyes stare at the camera thing and with that, I am labelling him a FAKE.
    I now sing the praises of Taylor Hicks, the grey-haired, smiley, “as-long-as-I-have-music-I-have-everything” man who lights up the room with his infectious UN-FAKE beaming.
    Long live Tyler Hicks!

  8. Yeah, Ace may be fake (and he can’t really sing THAT well), but that’s OK…all I want to do is look at him.
    And yes, Taylor is pretty cool. I only hope that the voters can look past the grey hair…cuz, you know, only really OLD people have grey hair. 🙂

  9. Yeah!

    I think I’ll start up a campaign for grey hair appreciation.

    The “Grey Appreciation League”


    no. um.

    “Grey and Proud”


    um. no.

    The “Grey Appreciation (for) Youths”

    “Grey and Proud”


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