The Kubrick Template

Because I am two years behind the times (watch for my podcasts sometime in 2007), I’ve changed my template to this one called Kubrick. I just like that it looks nice n’ clean. I still have to fiddle a bit with the sidebar and I’d like to change the title bar up top to something customised.

Yes, I realise it looks like every other blog out there.


Back to an official Blogger template. Because I suck at designing this stuff.


5 thoughts on “The Kubrick Template

  1. not like my blog. my blog has polky dots. 🙂 but yeah, it’s a template too.

    customized banners are fun, i wish i knew how people did them. if only my boyfriend were a graphic designer who worked on the web, so i could have some help…

  2. you know what i don’t like about this template is that it doesn’t show the names of the commentators. however, if you want to be all anonymous and bitchy and stuff, than i suppose it would work.

    nice brekkie on the corrie site, btw. yum. i had, um, coffee, on my way in to work for a 10am technical rehearsal for the play i am directing.

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