Sunday is Video Day

A mid-80’s French and Saunders Abba parody, performed with their back-up band, Raw Sex. They pretty much nailed everything: the fur coats, the Vaseline-smeared camera lense, the maritial issues being worked out in song. Before the show became “French and Saunders and their Celebrity Friends doing Cameos,” this may have been the funniest thing they ever did.


According to the person who posted the video, this is Abba’s first television appearance. Before finding their perfect combinition of hook-filled pop melodies and harmonies, they had to settle for dressing up as people in the Old West, all while singing ‘California Here I Come.’ That beer is no prop. They are so wasted.

I’m not really a huge Abba fan. It’s just that I can’t get them out of my head today because of that goddamn catchy Madonna song.


3 thoughts on “Sunday is Video Day

  1. Bollocks, that’s hilarious! With their swedishish accents and all. I love French and Saunders. Oh, which reminds me, The Vicar of Dibley should be on tonight…

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