There are many copies and they have a plan.

So there’s this show, Battlestar Galactica, which is a remake of the Disco-era television show. It’s quite good. I’ve been watching it on Space so I’m only five or so episodes into the second season. In this version, there are Cylon robots who look like robots but there are also Cylons who look (and feel) just like us, some of whom are sleeper agents. That is to say, they think they’re human but are programmed to act against the humans.

This has lead to much speculation as to which human characters are really sleeper (or active) Cylons.

Here’s my theory:

Colonel Saul Tigh, XO of the Battlestar Galactica and Functional Alcoholic:

Bender, 30th Century robot:

The connection? Both are fueled by booze. Saul’s a Cylon. I rest my case.


6 thoughts on “There are many copies and they have a plan.

  1. Well, he manages to show up to work, which makes him functional. Whether or not he’s good at his job when he gets there is another story.

    Besides, is he incompetent, or is he programmed to be incompetent?


  2. I love this show!! Friends gave us the season 1 DVD and we spent the entire xmas weekend watching them. Season 2 not as good IMO.

    Col. Tigh is a very interesting character and I like you comparison to Bender. It’d be great if one day Tigh yells “Bite my shiny metal ass” to Adama. I’d be shooting milk from my nose

  3. Keep in mind beyond Boomer, I have no idea which Galactica crew members are really cylons. Could be Adama, for all I know. My other working theory is that Col. Tigh is really Mr. Lahey, just without the moustache and because Lahey is a (barely) functional drunk.

  4. yeah Boomer is all we know so far. There was speculation that Adama was, but no answer yet.

    I really love this show. It would suck if Starbuck or Dee yurned out to be Cylons.

    Mr. Lahey came to Sudbury with Randy and did a stand up comedy/Q&A a couple of weeks ago. I missed it but friends said they were hilarious

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