For Christmas, somebody who loves me gave me a subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio. Despite some initial misgivings about the whole idea of the service (“What?! Pay for radio?!?!”), since getting it, I love it and I’m getting a little addicted to it. I also think it anticipates my musical tastes telepathically. I could be thinking, ‘Hey, I haven’t heard that Welsh band The Alarm in years and years. I loved those guys. I’d love to hear them again,’ and lo! First Wave plays it.

Today, Sirius launched the Howard Stern Show in Canada. I listened to a bit of it and found that it’s just not my thing, although his announcer George Takei is cool. It’s not to say that I don’t like or disapprove of tasteless, loud, and rude radio shows. This weekend, I discovered Mojo Nixon’s weekly political discussion show Lyin’ Cocksuckers and learned more about U.S. politics from that than, say, Anderson Cooper. I just think I’ll stick to Chris Moyles in the morning.

UPDATE: Okay, so I listened to a bit of it again this morning. He was raving about how much he liked Brokeback Mountain and that all the religious conservatives should be forced to see it. Isn’t this guy supposed to be offensive or something? Mind you after this thoughtful talk about the lessons of that movie, he then went on to interview a stoned ex-porn star. I switched over to something else.


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