Ice Bar

This is the entrance to the N’Ice Club in Mont Tremblant. For only $17, you can enter this hallowed place and have one drink. Or, for about the same amount, you make an igloo in your front yard, put a little Metric on the portable stereo, and drink a modest bottle of SAQ-purchased vodka. Call me cheap and old but I think the effect would be the same. More or less.


6 thoughts on “Ice Bar

  1. i went to the ice hotel last year, when i went to quebec on exchange with the kiddies. it was really something, how they managed to sculpt the pillars and everything… and i liked the vodka shotglasses made out of ice… but i liked less how the tour guide kept telling my 15 year old students where to find the vodka (she didn’t realize they were only 15, they were kind of tall).

  2. My scottish and dutch ancestors salute you for your thriftiness.

    My vodka swilling ass, however, will take the elixor in any form – expensive, cheap, in ice shotglasses, in a soup laddle, out of toilet, etc.

  3. Mare – somehow I get the idea that the age of majority in most Quebec clubs is just a suggestion…

    Jacqueline – My favourite brand of vodka is ‘Price Reduction with Coupon.’

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