Pas de Ski

The only time in my life I ever tried to ski was on Grouse Mountain, just outside Vancouver. That was five years ago. I twisted my ankle and became frustrated, opting instead to go watch filming of the short-lived X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen. I even shared a ski-lift with one of the aforementioned gunmen. If you ever saw the show, there was an episode with a large grizzly bear in it. I never saw it when it aired. I saw a bit of the pilot but it just wasn’t a very good show (in fact, in those days, I recall not being able to walk two blocks in Vancouver without tripping over some film or TV production. Biggest stars spotted: Tara Reid, Rosario Dawson, Rachel Leigh Cook, and Alan Cumming filming a scene on Howe St. from Josie and the Pussycats. Okay so it’s not The X-Men…).

Anyway, this weekend, the spouse and I are off to Mont Tremblant to stay in a chateau that’s larger than any of the homes either of us have lived in. I’ve never been to Tremblant in winter although I went in summer once, just for something to do. There’ll be skiing and snow-shoeing. And eating and making merry. There will be also be tubing which, as winter sports go, is the only thing I’m good at. Skiing is pretty much out, although I wouldn’t mind snow-shoeing. However, after paying a shitload of bills this week, I’m too skint to go out and buy special “snow-shoeing trousers,” or whatever paraphenalia they sell for that, so tubing may be the best outdoor activity for me. But then, I’m not adverse to just, you know, walkin’ around in the woods.

I’m just hoping for a lunch at Microbrasserie le Diable.


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