This is why I’m not a political blogger

Remember when I suggested that Frank McKenna was going to run for the Liberal leadership? Yeah, I was wrong on that one.

He seemed an obvious choice. His run as premier of New Brunswick was considered by many to be pretty successful (not everyone agrees on that, of course). And I have big issues with his long-running opposition to abortion clinics in NB. But he wasn’t in federal politics during Chrétien’s nor Martin’s time and therefore has none of the baggage that comes with that. He has powerful (and controversial, when you consider the Carlyle Group) connections with several major corporations so his appeal to the business community is apparent. And he’s bilingual, which always helps.

It seemed clear to me that the party would want to choose someone not currently serving in Parliament to take the controls and lead them into the next election. And yet, and yet…

Maybe he remembered that by simply sitting on the boards of directors of a number of corporations, he can make a shitload of money. So my dream of seeing a New Brunswicker running the country will have to wait a few more years.

So where does that leave the Liberals? Scott Brison, who not that long ago ran for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party may, or may not, run. He could be a good choice from a progessive-centrist point of view. Belinda Stronach, as Rachel pointed out, could charm her way to the top, Clinton style. And she would bring The Sexy. Brian Tobin has quit and re-entered politics so many times, I think people would question his commitment. And Michael Ignatieff doesn’t care about Ukrainian people.

So right now, the (all undeclared) leadership contenders are two ex-Conservatives, the former Captain Canada, and the pro-torture, pro-Iraq War guy. At this point, I’m not even going to guess.


2 thoughts on “This is why I’m not a political blogger

  1. Ignatieff is likely the best candidate. He could redeem the Liberal party and take it back from the turtleneck n’ sports jacket boobs who’ve had control over it for decades now. I don’t agree with Ignatieff’s politics but he’s unquestionably the most experienced and intelligent candidate any Canadian party has seen in ages. If nothing else, I trust his intelligence.

    Oh but y’know, he’ll have an uphill battle against Stronach (whom I also disagree with politically). Despite her vast wealth she somehow still manages to project herself as just another “average” Canadian. She devotedly sticks to the lingo of political servitude (which turns men on subconsciously). And like Clinton, every class of voter loves her. Ignatieff will never appeal to the conservative blue collar Canadians like Stronach does. He’s our John Kerry.

    And before Ignatieff runs for PM he’d have to do a serious job on his creeping unibrow and give himself the full J.D. Roberts “confidence frosting”. (Of course I mean the fake gray hair middle-aged guys in politics give themselves in order to look wise and trustworthy, not the other thing – lol.)

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