Ding dong

“Who is it?”

“Jury duty.”

“Oh, fudge.”


7 thoughts on “Ding dong

  1. i got called for jury duty my first year of teaching, which was a pain, because i was on a d contract.

    but then, it turned out that i couldn’t have been on the jury anyway, because it was for the gates murder trial and i know the victim’s grandmother, from my church. huzzah! saved by virtue of this being the maritimes.

  2. I can’t play the “I’m not bilingual enough” card as, from what I’ve gathered from the info they sent, the trial will be in English.

    Maybe I should do what Homer Simpson did and tell the judge that I’m prejudiced against all races.

  3. Paolo, Do what? Jury duty? Or trials in english? Well, they sent me the documents in english with a note explaining why – they based it on my last name, which they took to be english (it’s technically not, but whatever). I assumed it would be an english trial. Or maybe they provide translation. I can speak french reasonably well (mais pas comme il faut) but I’d be a bit lost in a criminal trial if it were done in my second language.

  4. Jury duty. It seems dumb to ask but it just seems such a foreign concept, especially given the way lawyers dress here — I had no idea what the process was.

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