Election 2006: Let the Boozing Begin

What? It’s 12:00pm in Atlantic Canada. That’s early enough.

So tonight, as you’re watching the returns come in on CBC (you seriously weren’t going to watch it on Global, were you?), prepare to take one drink each time the following happens:

  • Peter Mansbridge says the word, “You.” An extra drink each time he points at the camera.
  • Peter throws to ex-wife Wendy Mesley and a simmering bitterness is detected.
  • Someone wonders what the hell Don Cherry has to do with anything and why he is there. Ron McLean makes a bad pun.
  • Awkward moment as Jack Layton rejoices in winning his seat at the same time Olivia Chow fails to win hers.
  • Peter throws to Rex Murphy for analysis, then is forced to cut him off for time.
  • Newly elected Saint John MP John Wallace is visibly embarassed by Elsie Wayne who, dressed in a garish sweater, begins jumping up and down and hooting.
  • Ten-year-old ‘Oui’ signs at a Bloc riding HQ
  • George Stroumboulopoulos keeps one hand in his pocket.
  • During his victory speech, Stephen Harper switches from English to French, and then to German.

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