Dear CFCF News Anchor Tarah Schwartz

You know that river in London that whale got stuck in?

It’s pronounced “tems.” Not TH-AMES.

Just, you know, FYI.



2 thoughts on “Dear CFCF News Anchor Tarah Schwartz

  1. Hahahahah!
    There’s currently a radio ad running where the word “comparable” is pronounced incorrectly TWICE in the same ad.
    Every time I hear the mispronunciation, I correct it out loud.

    It’s not the first time either.
    You would think that someone would proof read the stuff before they actually air it.

  2. Ahhhh Tamara Schwartz. The same “To Die For” anchor who insisted that she would not use the word “swamped” an a story about a sishing boat that took on water because “her audience” in Nova Scotia wouldn’t understand what “swamped” meant. Her “audience” that is surrounded by water! I think we know what it means when a boat gets swamped.

    She also read a news story about a kids walking the streets of Dartmouth with a loaded “U.Z.I.” machine gun.

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