Michelle Dessler: 1972-2006

Stupid car bomb.



15 thoughts on “Michelle Dessler: 1972-2006

  1. Dude, you’re supposed to put a spoiler warning in there! Goog thing I watched it already, I would have had to “Jack” you with a lamp and a cut off wire.

    Michelle and her curly hair shall be missed. So will President Palmer.

  2. there there, there there. *consoling pat on shoulder*

    i also am more upset about president palmer.

    and i am verging on righteous outrage that they didn’t get chloe while they were at it.

  3. Patrick, I figured once it’s aired, it’s out there so no spoiler warning required, as per Television Without Pity regulations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mare, hey Chloe is 105 pounds of pure, socially awkward HOTNESS.

  4. MJ, I’d understand the need for spoiler warnings if you didn’t take TWO years to watch a series that’s already aired! When the hell are we ever going to be allowed to talk about tv or movies? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve only watched the first hour of 24, by the way (before I fell asleep). Don’t know if I can keep watching without the alluring dignity of President Palmer.

    Maybe they’ll do a “24, the afterworld”.

  5. Do you know how long it took me to figure out that this was not a REAL person?

    Jesus, Mary and Jumping Jospehated.

    I didn’t want to ask anyone lest I look like an idiot. I didn’t even want to go online, in case someone saw me do it and think I was an idiot.

    I imagine much mocking. ‘Michelle Dessler? You don’t know who the Governor General of Canada is?’

    Last night I googled the name. with a blanket wrapped around me and the computer.

  6. Spoilers? The show has AIRED. Martine is right. Do have we have to wait until the season is in $10 DVD bin before I can discuss it?

    I should have posted a link, though. I just assumed everyone would know it was from ’24.’ She wasn’t a friend, or the G-G, or on Corrie. She was just hotness. Now she is a burnt marshmallow.

  7. WTF John? No, you don’t have to wait until the show is in the 10$ DVD bin. Martine would be right with respect to someone who waits years to watch the show. They’re just asking to have it spoiled.

    But you revealed something that aired THE NIGHT BEFORE, it spoils it for someone who taped it and just hasn’t watched it yet. I mean come on! We’re not talking someone who is a season behind, not even 2 episodes behind.

    I mean, this was right in your RSS feed, no avoiding it. I’m not asking you not to discuss things ever, I’m just a reader asking for the courtesy of a spoiler warning.

  8. If you put it that way then, yes, I should have reconsidered the way I posted this and added a spoiler warning.

    So I’m sorry for ruining the surprise for some people. I honestly thought that once it aired, nobody would really care what I put out there.

    I’ll put a spoiler warning next time.

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