Mon Sondage

Yesterday, while working from home, I got a call from a pollster asking, en français, which party I intend to support if a federal election were held today, as well as my intentions in a provincial election and in a referendum on Québec sovereignty. While, federally, I still am in the undecided category, I told the pollster my choices were the first the NDP, followed by the Liberals.

So if you see an upswing in NDP support in Québec, that would be me.

Odd, then, that according to this site, my answers indicated I’m either a Green Party or Bloc Québecois supporter.


2 thoughts on “Mon Sondage

  1. I got a pollster call today. When he asked me if there was a party that I could safely say I’d never vote for, I laughed like a drain. And when I was doing the whole “Very favourable, somewhat favourable…” responses to the leaders’ names, I said, “What’s the lowest score I can give him? Can you subtract anything from that?”

    Oh, but he’ll win and then they’ll have my responses in their computer. And they’ll send hired goons over to my house the morning after the elction. Save me.

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