A 14 Hour Day at Office

Jesus, what kind of loser am I? No, I did not choose this. I was volunteered. It wasn’t a complete waste, mind you. I managed to get some stuff done so I’m pleased with that bit.

Right now, I’m just relaxing with a glass of St-Ambroise, and listening to M-C’s latest podcast.

Tomorrow and Sunday, I work again. But from home and only (I hope) until 11:00 am. Supposedly, I’ll be getting extra days off in return but really, I think I deserve some kind of resort vacation for two out of this.

And I’m while I’m here, I’d like to our remind our new next door neighbours that I understand that you may enjoy having the sex while listening to Foreigner’s “I Wanna Know What Love Is” but that doesn’t mean we all need to hear it.

Oh, okay. It’s done now. Wow. That was quick.


3 thoughts on “A 14 Hour Day at Office

  1. Days off later in the week never makes up for overtime. My current employer doesn’t understand that, and several times it’s bitten me in the ass.

    Hope it’s not too regular of a thing.

    Enjoy yer beer 🙂

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