Elsie Wayne wants to beat you with her Jesus Stick*

If you’re an undecided New Brunswick voter, 107 year old dinosaur and Blanche Hunt impersonator, Elsie Wayne has released a list of candidates she personally endorses for their stand on marriage. The candidates have been singled out by Vote Marriage Canada because, according to Vote Marriage Canada, they have voted in the House against, or are on record against, the same-sex marriage bill. This, in their world, makes the candidate “pro-marriage.”

I’m not sure how taking away someone’s right to marry is not, in reality, anti-marriage but then, these are conservatives. Consistency is not their strong suit. The list, by the way, includes Saint John Conservative candidate John Wallace. In any case, an endorsement from Wayne should be enough to send any voters to any other candidate on the ballot.

*tm Charlie from “Lost.”


7 thoughts on “Elsie Wayne wants to beat you with her Jesus Stick*

  1. If the Conservatives win rumour has it that Elsie Wayne gets to design the ‘Team Canada’ outfits in time for the upcoming ‘Turin’ winter Olympics in Feb. Yes, it’s ass-ugly sparkly sweaters, beaded eyeglass chains, polyester slacks, tight perms n’ mauve rinses for everyone!

  2. If The Conservatives win, there’ll be no Team Canada outfits as they’ll have our team pulled from the Olympics. Can’t have our athletes mingling with foreigners, can we?

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