Loose Moose

Moncton, as Monctonians will be quick to tell you, is the corporate epicentre of New Brunswick, it’s the largest city, and a regional centre to several thriving corporations, all staffed by an educated, bilingual workforce. They also have a large shopping mall because, as you know, these things are important. Have you seen the big box stores? Aren’t they awesome? Prince Edward Islanders will drive across the Confederation Bridge just for the experience of shopping there and to buy pop in cans, which their environmentally conscious province does not allow.

Really, they’ll say, it’s the Montreal of the East Coast.

Except that on Montreal’s downtown core, you don’t often find a moose wandering the streets. Cue the theme from Northern Exposure.


7 thoughts on “Loose Moose

  1. Even through it all, the words ‘epicentre’ and ‘Moncton’ just don’t seem synonymous.

    Just an observation.

    Especially when you factor in moose on the hight street.

  2. “hey, ethel, remember that time we saw that there moose uptown?”
    “sure does, vernon, weren’t that last weekend?”

    you may substitute yvonne and joseph-denis for ethel and vernon if you prefer. it IS the bilingual city, after all. supposedly.

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