My Kyoto Protocal

Carpooling: the Pros and Cons

Pro: Save money on gas

Con: Carpooling partner likely does not appreciate Freddy Mercury turned up to 11 at 7 in the morning.

Pro: Carpooling partner is Kiefer Sutherland’s 2nd cousin

Con: Carpooling partner gets stuck on a project at work, taking her well past 17h00 and making me sit here, well beyond my normal Friday take-off time, where my well-earned pint of St-Ambroise seems but a distant dream.

UPDATE: She just called. “Just a few more minutes…” Grrr… Ozone-schmozone. I want my beer.


5 thoughts on “My Kyoto Protocal

  1. Keifer would never beat up anyone unless there was a slim, tenous chance that said person had some vague information that may or may not lead to a possible terrorist cell member who might have access to a bomb that may have been threatened to explode over a non-specific urban area in the next 24 hours. Then it’s Torture City.

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