Big Brother Returns

Julie Chen and The Hamsters are back and this year, the twist is “Attack of the Clones!” Well, no, they just all look alike and seem kind of bland. The actual twist is that they are all entering as pairs or something. It’s dumb. Going by their photos and interests alone, it’s hard to get any kind of vibe off of most of them but I do wish CBS would mix up the casts a little more.


According to the message boards, one hamster is rumoured to be Iraqi. Because of the success of ABC’s Lost, all TV shows must now cast an Iraqi character for “topical depth.” Although Big Brother 6 has one on Lost in that their Iraqi is actually from Iraq, while Lost‘s Iraqi is played by an Englishman of Indian descent.

Iraqi is the new twins.


One thought on “Big Brother Returns

  1. Oh geez, it’s back again.

    It really is trash TV, and every year I say I won’t watch it. No surprise, I end up watching just about every episode. *sigh*

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