Janeane in Botoxland

Like many men my age of a certain temperment and political leanings, it can be said that I have something of a small crush on Janeane Garofalo. In her career as an alternative comedian, mainstream actress, and political commentator, she has always eschewed the socially constructed concept of beauty, particularly as it relates to Hollywood.

But, like any other actress in her position, she’s gotta pay the bills, even if some of her choices may not be the most artistically gratifying. And, it must be said, choices for decent roles for women aren’t that numerous in Hollywood. So she’s appearing in a TV movie called Nadine in Dateland. Fair enough. But when I saw the picture in the advert for it (it appeared in a free day pass ad on salon), I didn’t immediately recognise the woman pictured above.

That’s because, for the role, she got botox injections. The idea was she wanted to look 35 when she’s actually 40. She says she could be a cautionary tale and all but still, it’s a little disappointing. I always thought she could rise above that sort of thing but then, bills must be paid, I guess.


7 thoughts on “Janeane in Botoxland

  1. Ah dinnieken that Janeane Garofalo was a comedian. Shes no that funny oan the radio or the wee bit a telly she is oan. Thats no a bad picture. Ah always thought she wis a bit o a slag n then she goes n improves herself. Mibbee it’ll lead to more roles…….I dinnae think so.

  2. Don’t be too hard on her, John. If the role required her to gain thirty pounds, and she packed them on like a linebacker, would you feel let down? It’s no different. The role requires a particular look, she took the most expeditious route, it’s a grotesque route, sure, but not permanent the way surgery would be. At least, I don’t think it is.

    I think she does great work, but she’s not in the box-office class that gets to say, “My face–like it or pay me anyway.”

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