Check the O.R. You like it so far?

She, P’La, and I took in Main Madness this afternoon. Frites and ice cream were consumed, people were watched (and quietly judged), and for some reason, I managed to only take one photo. Just up the street from the breakdancers were the freestyle rappers. Yeah, I think he looks like J-Roc too.

We also managed to take in a quick show at the Fringe Festival. An Unfortunate Woman by Nicola Gunn is a dark comic soap opera/one-woman show. She plays 6 or 7 characters with such agility that you sometimes forget it’s just her up there. She has a physicality that puts me in mind of Peter Sellers.

It was the last day of the Montreal Fringe but she’s touring the rest of Canada for the remainder of the summer (in this case, “rest of Canada” being defined as “Mostly west of Montreal”). She’ll be hitting Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton if you care to take in a show.

On Saturday, we went to the home of him and her for barbeque. Mark does chicken good. Napoleon Dynamite (gosh!) was viewed, as well as Shaun of the Dead. It was my second time seeing Shaun and I can’t restate enough how awesome that movie is (especially the DVD extras).

And we can now attest: they’ve indeed been invaded by bunnies.

Fetch…The Holy Hand Grenade!


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