The funniest deadly sin

The other night, we checked out My Fabulous Gay Wedding, hosted by Scott Thompson. It was an okay show, although I’m not crazy about wedding programmes in general as they don’t take place on spaceships and I only watch television shows that take place on spaceships. And small Manchester area suburbs.

Anyhow, the couple, Rob and Greg, decided for their wedding that they would treat each other by getting Botox injections. Now, these are not old men by any stretch (no pun intended), but it was important to them that their faces be frozen before their marriage. As Rob said, “I raise my eyebrows…and nothing moves. It’s so cool!

I’ve always found the idea of any kind of cosmetic surgery to be funny. While there are legitimate medical reasons for some cosmetic surgeries, the idea that, if you spend a foolish amount of money getting nipped, tucked, injected, and stretched, you will look more vibrant and youthful. But of course, you rarely do. You just look surprised.

Case in point:

A woman no longer capable of singing the lyric, “I cried a tear/You wiped it dry” as her tear ducts no longer function.


4 thoughts on “The funniest deadly sin

  1. Lynne Perrie, the actress who played Ivy on the TV show based in the “small Manchester area suburbs” was sacked from the show because she had her lips enlarged without notifying the powers-that-be. ‘Friends’ described her new look as having “the appearance of a baboon’s bottom.” The fat for her lips was taken from her backside.

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