Executive Transvestite

If I didn’t get tickets to this show I would have never forgiven myself so I grabbed ’em. Just happens to fall right around my berfday as well.

Izzard is an actor/comedian, transvestite, and European Union supporter. His shows tend to be made up of his streams of consciousness as he discusses history, philosophy, religion, and wearing heels:

“After the war, there was this feeling of no empire no longer.

‘Alright, come on Europe, give these countries back… Britain?'”


“‘What’s that behind your back?'”

“‘Oh it’s India…and a number of other countries.'”


8 thoughts on “Executive Transvestite

  1. I saw him when he was here 10 years ago. I didn’t know at the time that he was a transvestite so I spent most of the show in a cloud of confusion. I kept on saying in my head “Is it just me or is that dude in heels and a halter top?”

    He is F’n hilarious!

  2. You realize, of course, that now you’ve bought the tickets, I’ll have to come up with something stupendous for your birthday?
    How’s a girl supposed to compete with Eddie?

  3. It was going to be either that, The Daily Show, or the World Stupidity Awards but Eddie won. Turns out the tickets are almost sold out so I’m glad I picked them up when I did. Yay for the internets.

  4. We got tickets too…are there multiple shows? If we’re at the same one let’s coordinate….

    “nothing here…nothing here…BUNCH OF FLOWERS!”

  5. And by the way, check out cake or death – the biggest eddie izzard fansite, loads of transcripts etc – not all gold but worth reading if you don’t have the DVDs already (ahem)

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