Holy Trivializing A Complex Issue, Batman!

Yesterday, traffic on the Jacques Cartier bridge was stopped by a man dressed as Robin the Boy Wonder. He was there as part of a human rights group (or maybe a boy band) called F4J, or Fathers 4 Justice, a organisation which claims the legal system discriminates against fathers. On Saturday, a bloke dressed as Spider-Man pulled a similar stunt on the cross on Mont Royal.

I don’t know personally if the legal system does indeed have it in for dads. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. But I am pretty sure the legal system does has it in for middle-aged guys, dressed up as super-heroes, who disrupt traffic on major bridges.


4 thoughts on “Holy Trivializing A Complex Issue, Batman!

  1. Yeah nothing tells a family court judge that you’re a responsible parent quite like dressing up in a super hero outfit n’ climbing bridges. Then again, maybe they’re secretly bankrolled by the “My ex-husband is an irresponsible asshole and he’s getting custody over my dead body” association.

  2. My understanding is that, when a custody battle goes to court, mothers are more than ten times more likely to win.

    On the public relations front, these guys have been terrific over the last few days. Think about it: last week nobody would have said that this is an important public policy debate. In four days, F4J have brought their issue to the forefront.

    Will their members, individually, gain (or regain) custody of their children because of these particular actions? I doubt it. Maybe they’re also doing it for all other dads out there?


  3. “mothers are more than ten times more likely to win”

    Is there a proper source for this figure or is it anecdotal? I’m not asking this to argue the point. I just want to know.

    Like I say, it’s a complicated issue. But I have to wonder something. If Robin had to be “rescued” off the Jacques Cartier bridge, then the police doing the rescuing like would have been endangering their own lives to save him. What if, in the course of this publicity stunt, a police constable fell off the bridge and died. And what if that constable was a father?

    He didn’t need to be on that bridge. There are plenty of ways of using civil disobedience to get people talking about an issue without people your own or someone else’s life needlessly in danger.

  4. An article I read said that in 9% of the cases the custody is given to fathers, in 82% to mothers and in 9% to both parents.

    82% vs 9%. (I admit I rounded it off.)

    Regarding civil disobediance… It’s always messy.


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