But will Virgil defect to the Bloc?

The Artist Formerly Known as Optimus Crime Montreal last week posted a humourous take anticipating Thursday’s confidence vote that included a funny Photoshop remix of a Liberal campaign sign imploring Carolyn Parrish to vote with the government (she did).

Never one to back away from stealing a perfectly good idea, I’ve decided to do a little crappy Photoshopping of my own. When there finally is an election campaign, the Liberals will be relying on their new “Honesty is the Best Policy” theme, which includes a new face on the signs:

Well, their plan is to just buy your vote anyway, so why not go the Ted Dibiase route?

*crickets chirping*

You know, Ted Dibiase, the Million Dollar Man? Bought people with his obscene wealth? Wore giant dollar signs? Had his own belt made? No? WWF? 1980’s? No bells?

Well, okay then.


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