Riddle Me This

I haven’t done the Celebrity Death Train thing in a while but I thought I’d note that Frank Gorshin passed away this week at age 72. He was an actor and comedian with roles in various genres over the span of his career. He also did a mean Burt Lancaster.

Gorshin was of course known for wearing green tights emblazoned with question marks in his role as The Riddler in the campy 1960’s series Batman. His M.O. was to leave obtuse, almost nonsense, riddles at the scene of his crimes. And then Robin would always solve them. It’s a good gimmick but he didn’t come off as all that bright.

He also starred in the seminal Star Trek episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield in which one half of his face was painted black, the other white. The episode was a commentary on the racial tensions in America in the 1960’s. He, and others like him, had issues with people who had their colours reversed, or, as he put it, “I’m black on the right side.”


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