News Flash: Politician Presented with Opportunity, Takes It

After I mentioned her alleged date with Bill Clinton*, Belinda Stronach has terminated her relationship with her boyfriend Peter MacKay by breaking up with him on live TV.

Oh, and she also defected to the Liberals and got a cabinet post out of the deal.

I’d feel sorry for MacKay if he wasn’t such a slimeball.

In all seriousness, despite people dismissing her as a political lightweight (“princess” is a term often applied), she may be a lot craftier than she appears. After the sour circumstances of the defection fade into memory, and despite pronoucements that this is a crass and cynical power grab, she might yet get a lot more mileage out of this move than either Paul Martin or Stephen Harper, regardless of how the election, if it happens, plays out. She has an almost Bill Clintonesque charm with people and that could play very well with voters who may not like the current Liberals or the Conservatives, but they do like her. She spent the last year blasting and voting against the Liberals and today, dumped her boyfriend and joined their ranks. And like Clinton, will probably come out smelling like a rose. Give her a few more years of political experience (and Belinda, seriously, learn French) and I’d like to see where she ends up**.

*Total New York Post rumour. Do not take seriously.

**My political predictions are almost invariably wrong. Do not take seriously.


5 thoughts on “News Flash: Politician Presented with Opportunity, Takes It

  1. I’m not sure which one is Rachel or Ross in this bit… I’m watching a misty-eyed interview with Peter McKay [live from his dad’s farm in NS] at this very moment, so I’m guessing he’s Rachel?

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