This is the beginning of my addiction to back pills

I took the afternoon off today to go see the doctor about my back. Over the past few months (probably longer), my neck and back have become increasingly in pain, albeit in spurts. Some weeks it goes away completely, other weeks it’s crazy painful.

Last week was such a week. It starts with a twinge on the right side of my neck and makes its way to both my lower back and right temple. It was painful enough last week that I had to call in a sick day as the pain kept me up most of the night. So today I went to a new doctor in my neighbourhood who’s taking new patients. This is good because I haven’t had a family doctor since I left New Brunswick two years ago.

The doctor pretty quickly determined that I have shitty posture and I’m not using my keyboard correctly. He gave me a prescription for back pills (anti-inflamatory) and I was in and out in half an hour. I wasn’t used to that level of efficiency, having had make due with walk-in clinics. I had to check to make sure I wasn’t in a private clinic.

In other news, she, he, she, and I won the Pub Quiz Tuesday for the second month in a row. Admittedly I almost lost it for them when I forgot that a) I forgot that Steve Martin has hosted Saturday Night Live the greatest number of times, and b) that it was Bill Murray and not John Belushi, who got into a fist fight with Chevy Chase. Still, we won by, like, 2 points. There should be a belt for that or something.

Meanwhile The Amazing Racers hit London and why is it that every American show that takes place in London has to have “Rule Britannia” playing as the background music? Anyhow, Meredith and Gretchen, the old couple, were eliminated but as annoying as they were, they perservered. Ron and Kelly still grate while Romber are still incredibly lucky but I’m pulling for Joyce and Uchenna, who has the odd habit of adopting the local accent wherever he goes: “Can you take me to Pottersfield Pahk? I say! Tally-Ho!”

The leg was also enlivened by the appearance of Sir Ian McKellan* in the role of Sherlock Holmes:

From X-Men, to Lord of the Rings, to Coronation Street, to…this? I’m sending him money this weekend.

Also, at the pit stop for every leg, there is a local greeter who is often representative (in a postcard kind of way) of the local culture. In London, it was a snappy dresser with a bowler hat. It should have been Emily Howard.

*Or at least an incredible simulation…


11 thoughts on “This is the beginning of my addiction to back pills

  1. that wasn’t him was it? Really?

    If I’d have been an amazing racer, I would have had him sign something for me.

    Emily Howard would have been good, but I’d have preferred a Morris Dancer. Even better…one of the challenges should have been to take part in a Morris Dance. Bells, sticks, hanky-waving, and all. Just to see Romber dancing.

  2. No I don’t think it was Sir Ian, just a guy who sort of looked like him. I think Magneto can do better than a wordless cameo on an American reality show.

    Also, just once I’d like to hear:

    “Lou, Andy. You’re the last team to arrive. I’m sorry to say you’ve both been eliminated from the Amazing Race.”

    “Yea, I know!”

  3. That’s too bad about the back thing. Might be stress. My Dad spent some time in the ’70s being stretched in an awful jock strap device attached to a pulley hung on the closet door, leading to big bag of water serving as a counterweight. There was a sinister double-barrelled version of this, which hung Tom Conti at the end of a movie I think was called “Author, Author.”

    Anyhow, I’m not telling you this to scare you, more to say that I’ve had back problems, but they went away when I relaxed a bit (less tension in the shoulders),and kept exercising.

  4. I don’t know if you believe in chiropractors or not. I used ot be terrified of them after all the horror stories, but I found a good one and bit the bullet and went and haven’t looked “back” since… Good luck with it – back pain is the WORST.

    Emily Howard is a SCREAM!? I’ve never heard of her/im. Is H’she a celebrity or a real person running a regular guest house. Too funny. I spit juice all over my keyboard.

    I want Rob and Amber to die in a Chunnel accident.

    Uchenna & Joyce are great because they always stop and smell the double-decker buses. They get so much out of the race. I love’em.

    Ron deserves Kelly. Kelly deserves Ron. The end.

  5. Jack, I’m pretty sure I know the cause of the back pain. I just need to improve the posture and exercise more (and stop worrying so much about things).

    But if it ever did get really bad, I’d go to the chiropractor or someone specialised. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned, though.

    Citrus, Emily Howard is a character from the sketch comedy show “Little Britain.” We’re addicted to BBC Canada at our house.

  6. You can try better chairs. The one I’ve got here is giving way in the middle, so soon I’ll be sitting on the floor typing with my hands in the air, looking like “Easy Rider.”

    Had a nasty carpal tunnel, too. But got a mouse pad with one of wrist pads on it, and stopped playing video games like “Descent,” and feel fine now.

  7. Uchenna and Joyce have the time to stop and smell whatever’s around them because they’re normally lost and confused.
    I still think they’re going to win, but I know Chip and Kim, and those two aren’t Chip and Kim.

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