Can you throw mine in there while you’re at it?

Bono must have called in a favour.

In what I think is actually a good little piece of news, Canada has has cancelled the debts of Zambia, Rwanda, and Honduras. The three countries owed a total of $52 million dollars, or the approximate price paid to Groupaction for the creation of three hundred Liberal Party mousepads which never did get made.

Last year the government cancelled the debts of Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Madagascar.


5 thoughts on “Can you throw mine in there while you’re at it?

  1. That’s GREAT. I wonder whether the U.S. will follow suit – or if they’ve already done so? With the American Deficit at never-before-heard-of levels, we’re ALL going to be in the mood for a little debt-reduction pretty soon, hmmmm? I don’t see why everyone doesn’t just do a “canceling out” kind of thing with foreign debt…

    It works with fractions, why not factions?

  2. Nope, US has not gotten on the cancelling debt bandwagon, except, I think, in the case of some debt in the tsumani region.

    You can complain all you want about the apparent size of Bono’s…um…ego, but the man is doing incredible things, having garnered a deserved Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

    When did it become bad to be a rock star anyway? I swear, for better or worse, when I was growing up we worshipped guys like Bono and the more outrageous they behaved, the more outlandish and lavish their lifestyles, we ate it up and wanted to be them. Perhaps Bono’s celebrity has simply reached a new level of hugeness that we’ve never seen before.

    Elvis? He got fat, his music started to suck, and he died.

    The Beatles? Well they really weren’t together as long as U2 has been, and two of them are as dead as Elvis.

    No, Bono is the shit, or the bomb, or whatever slang word that doesn’t make me a dork for using it. I truly believe that he consciously plays up the megastar image in order to make as much money as possible, in order to help as many people as possible with his money and his star power.

  3. Actually the reference wasn’t to mock or anything. It was referring to his appearance at 2003 Liberal Party Leadership Convention in which he made a pitch for debt relief as well as helping Africa fight HIV/AIDS. The appearance was perceived as an endorsement for Paul Martin, although it wasn’t that at all. It was already a forgone conclusion that he’d win the leadership and become Prime Minister. It just made made him appear briefly hip, like when Pierre Trudeau used to meet and, as rumour had it, smoke weed, with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

    Martin’s predecessor, outgoing PM Jean Chrétien, brought HIS special guest, Paul Anka, who sang “My Way.” Even though Chrétien and Martin are only a few years apart in age, it gave a perception that Jean’s time had passed.

    I have no particular issue with Bono other than I don’t like U2’s music as much as I used to. But I agree he’s doing good stuff with his fame and wealth. And if he wants to do the posturing rock star gig while making sure some village in Africa gets the AIDS medication it needs, than more power to him.

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