Sea Dogs. Sea Dogs … from HELL!!!

So the old home town has finally got itself a name for its new Québec Major Junior Hockey League team. The Saint John Sea Dogs are named after the seals often spotted in the harbour. I guess it’s better than my suggestions: The Saint John Mullets, or the Saint John Dorchester Street Crack Whores. But man, look at that logo. That seal looks EEEE-vil. Nothing screams first class hockey than a water mammal that can be trained to balance a beach ball on its nose.

Saint John lost its AHL team, The Saint John Flames (farm team for the Calgary Flames. The expensive stadium they built expressly for the purpose of attracting a pro-hockey has tried to fill in the void with Stuart McLean concerts but has since been mainly used as a large scale potato shed*. The acquisition of a new team will mean the return of a brand of hockey that people can actually afford to watch. Unfortunately, the QMJHL’s most famous player, Sidney Crosby continues to play for Rimouski.

*not actually true


2 thoughts on “Sea Dogs. Sea Dogs … from HELL!!!

  1. Ya know what? I think that the seal as a logo is brilliant.

    Think about it for a minute:
    Seals swim in water. Ice is frozen water.
    Seals are pretty intelligent and can be trained to do silly pet tricks. Hockey players are pretty intelligent* and can be trained to do silly pet tricks.
    Seals smell. Hockey players smell.

    *up for debate

  2. Sea Dogs? Sounds too much like the Seawolves from UNBSJ.
    Let’s hope the team keeps it head above water longer than our harbour-bound friends (or the Flamez).

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