These were the voyages

There are rumours on the internets that the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise will conclude that the entire series was a holodeck simulation on The Enterprise D (the one Picard drove around in). It’s already been confirmed that Next Generation characters William Riker and Deanna Troi will appear, somehow. While I doubt the veracity of the rumour, if actually true, it would rank the show with other endings of popular programs that, in the end, “never happened” like Newhart and St. Elsewhere.

Any indications that the last show would be what we call “good” were put to rest when Jolene Blalock, who plays the rather confused Vulcan T’Pol, was quoted in an interview as saying “I don’t know where to begin with that one. The final episode is … appalling.”

Maybe she’ll find Bobby Ewing in the shower.


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