Nouvelle France

Ever since I saw Le Pacte des Loups, I had always thought that Canada’s early days, specifically those set here in Québec would make a great backdrop for a film. (In fact I had hoped there would have been a Pacte prequel involving Grégoire and Mani’s supernatural adventures along the St. Lawrence). Last week while walking through the lobby of the Paramount downtown, I noticed a trailer playing on one of the big TV screens for a film called Nouvelle France, starring Gerard Dépardieu. The film involves a love story amid the English-French tensions or some such thing. Oh, and fur trappers. And Irene Jacob.

While the film doesn’t appear to have an official website, check out the cast of characters from the IMDB link:

Cure Blondeau – Gerard Dépardieu
General Wolfe, played by Jason Isaacs, no stranger to evil English generals
Benjamin Franklin (who lived in Montreal for a spell), played by Colm Meaney
William Pitt, played by Tim Roth

And, of course, Voltaire who, in his novel Candide dismissed New France as “quelques arpents de neige.” While the area he specifically referred to is in some doubt, you can bet that line will appear somewhere in the film.


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