Shaun of the Dead

This afternoon, Nakowymis and I took in a showing of Shaun of the Dead. The latest movie export from the U.K., its tagline is “a romantic comedy. with zombies.” Outside of Anchorman, it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all year.

The hero, Shaun, an aimless slacker, has been recently dumped by his girlfriend and has to cope with his couch-surfing best friend. Shaun, and everyone around him, tend to sleepwalk their way through life like, well, zombies. So as the clues pile up that something has gone wrong – the sudden presence of military vehicles on the street, alarming news reports, blood on the floor of Shaun’s local cornershop, and more and more people staggering around his neighbourhood like drunks, he takes no notice until the problem is literally in his backyard.

When he does realise what’s going on, he becomes motivated enough to hatch a plan that involves him and his friend finding his mum, his ex-girlfriend, and heading down to (where else?) the local pub to wait out the zombie apocalypse. Other locations were dismissed because you can still smoke at the pub.

The film also features Lucy Davis aka Dawn from BBC’s “The Office” in a supporting role and Martin Freeman, aka Tim, from the same show in a wordless cameo. And if you’re a real British TV freak, you’ll catch Coronation Street’s Insane Christian Granny as well.

Highly recommended.

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