“Star Wars/Nuthin’ but Star Wars…”

The original* Star Wars Trilogy has been released on DVD this week and surprisingly, it’s affordable. I had assumed, and even bet K five whole dollars that the total retail price would come in around $120.00. It’s actually about half that amount.

The package contains a fouth bonus disc that includes original trailers and a documentary and lots of other goodies. Conspicuous by its absence, however, is the Star Wars Holiday Special. I’m not sure how any DVD package can be considered “complete” without this key component to the Star Wars universe. Until I see this on DVD, complete with the original script written entirely in Wookie, George Lucas will not expect to see one penny of my hard earned cash go toward any of his projects.

*And by “original” we mean as original as it can be after George Lucas is done fucking with the movies yet again. I swear in a couple of years he’s going to pull Mark Hamil out of the films altogether and replace him with Haley Joel Osment.


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