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I’ve just started getting the Saturday edition of The Globe and Mail, which despite its frequent practice of reporting on Canada as though we’re the United States and its overall conservative tone, I think it’s still the best written English-language daily in the country.

I may have to reconsider my subscription after today, however, as they’re now restricting some of their content to “INSIDER EDITION” subscribers. That’s right, now we get to pay for online content.

Part of the reason I ditched The Gazette was because it started doing that as part of CanWest Global’s plan to buy every paper in the country, make them really shitty, then make everyone pay to read it online. Next stop: paying to read the paper in public libraries. Oh and I also dropped the Gazette because there wasn’t enough communism in it whereas The Globe has at least two commies on board.

The Globe used to have people sign in like the NYTimes which I can accept but this new move is particularly obnoxious.


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