Nakomis Meltdown

Good article in today’s Salon defending reality TV. In short, the writer makes the case that, among the better reality shows, the “characters” are more engaging than characters on most scripted reality shows. This is not to say that scripted shows are not good anymore, “The Sopranos,” “Six Feet Under,” and “24” are all great. Nor is it saying all reality shows are golden. Did you see “Forever Eden”? That’s okay, neither did anyone else. It’s just saying that The Amazing Race’s Colin and Christie, as grating as I find them, are far more compelling to watch than, say, “Dr. Vegas.”

Which brings us to an audio clip of my TV goth girlfriend Nakomis of Big Brother 5 having a nervous breakdown (profanity – not at all safe for work). It may be written in the annals of reality show history as the biggest meltdown ever. Nakomis, who has spent the show quietly dealing with the fact that she has a family she never knew about and then finding that she and her half-brother Cowboy were on opposite sides of the game and were plotting against each other, finally, well, lost it over all that and the general premise of the game which has people lying to each other to win the money. It was pulled from the live feeds and it’s unknown if any of it will make the broadcast tomorrow night, when there will be an early eviction. The FCC may have an issue with the footage as she says the word “fuck” more times in twenty minutes than in four seasons of “Trailer Park Boys.” Another clip is out there in which she spends 30 minutes telling CBS to go fuck themselves. I couldn’t get the link to work but I’m pretty sure that one won’t go to air.

The meltdown could be a deliberate way for her to let off some steam and save herself from eviction at the same time by elliciting sympathy from her brother who would probably vote her out tomorrow night. Either way, she deserves an Emmy for the performance.


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