Augustus Monkeyus

It’s that time again, kids. Blork is asking for weird things about us that involve music.

In a way, I already answered by referring to the direct psychic link between my brain and MuchMoreRetro. They know exactly when I want to see a certain video and then show it for my dining pleasure.

But I do have a few other weird musical things in my life.

-Age at which I saw my first concert: 12, on my birthday, with my brother. Headlining the bill: Vancouver’s legendary Doug and the Slugs. I was brought back to their Winnebago where I was blessed by Doug himself.

-Age at which I realised Making it Work was about impotence: 30.

-Age at which I finally decided to learn guitar: 29. Guitar purchased: this baby.

-First song I tried to learn: “It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City” by Bruce Springsteen. First song I tried to learn and didn’t mess up completely: “Solitary Man” by Neil Diamond.

-Still can’t play in front of other people. Partially out of shyness but also because I’d need the chords written down in front of me or I’ll. Yeah, yeah I know. That ain’t rock n’ roll.

-Despite not liking most of what is offered on commercial radio stations, I have an enormous affection and deep respect for the perfectly crafted pop song when it’s a seamless combination of melody, harmony, and hook. For that reason I think “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees, “Fernando” by Abba and “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys are three of the greatest pop songs ever recorded.

-Favourite song of all time, “That’s Entertainment” by The Jam.


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