Mandanna Nights

It’s BB5 night and that means more psychodrama presented to us viewers by Les Moonves and his Chenbot. Currently, Adria is Head of Household and has gone seriously wiggy and has left some question as to whether Jesus told her to put up Marvin and Will for eviction. Nakomis is still cool. Her half-brother Cowboy is still a dipshit (“It’s Holly!”) and believes this experience is an audition for his very own CBS sit-com, “Cowboy and Friends.” Marvin still hates women. Diane is still tanorexic (tm the live feed reports). And Karen thinks she may be pregnant which begs the question of whether her hypothetical fetus will be brought in as a player in the game.

Meanwhile former Playgirl “model” and NFL “player” Scott and his partner, fortysomething future bartender aspiring actor Jase have been evicted, but not before starting a nationwide fashion craze:

If you’ve ever wondered why YOU can’t pick up a hot girl in a club, the answer is simple – you aren’t wearing a Mandanna…

Do you roll up to the club with your boys every night, trolling for women and a cheap drunk? Do you need to hide your receding hairline, but refuse to wear the same outfit twice in a row? No problem – we’ve got the Mandanna just for you!

And don’t forget to wear El Mandanna del Zorro, aka, the Danger Danna.


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