No Shatner, No Peace!

Quick Shatner Bits:

From Jacqui at the Saint John Bureau comes Bring Back Kirk: an online campaign to convince Paramount to return Captain Kirk to the Star Trek universe. Their argument is that what is wrong with Star Trek today isn’t that it’s not very good, it just needs a hot, beefy Shatner injection. Somehow, in their view, being kicked off a mountain by Malcolm McDowell wasn’t a terribly dignified way to go. The site also includes a link to a fan-made trailer that somehow manages to tie together all the incarnations of the TV show through what else? Time travel. And they’ve also managed to tastefully include a role for the late DeForrest Kelley as hologram of Dr. McCoy.

We all know and love The Shatner. But the man is 105 years old. Let. It. Go.

Also, via Bill (Eligible, not Shatner), comes this link to Shatner’s not terrible version of Pulp’s Common People. Who has time for Star Trek when you’re busy covering 10 year old British pop hits? Next up for Shatner, Blur.




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