“Daughter of the Moon”

My name is Jennifer but I go by Nakomis. It means Daughter of the Moon.

So I wrote paragraph after paragraph tonight and do I remember to save any of it? Noooo…. Here we go again:

It’s been insanely busy this past couple of weeks. Between the sudden doubling of my workload, some uncooperative houseguests (two human, one feline), an anniversary that somehow slipped by us, I haven’t had much time for posting. I’ve been feeling the typical mid-thirties stress one gets from time to time.

Tonight, things got better when Scott, Big Brother 5’s mandanna-wearing unwashed bully, was evicted from the hamster cage. A part of the alliance known as the Four Manwhores Four Horsemen, Scott, along with insufferably cocky Jase, dimwitted Drew, and their prison bitch Michael, aka Cowboy, threatened, gloated, and intimidated their way through the house, making life miserable for their fellow players. This week, their reign came to an end when the other houseguests did some calculations and came to the conclusion that 4 > 3. So long, Scott. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. And if it does, wipe it down with some CLR because, dude, you’re dirty. Oh, and it’s spelled “cheese.” Asshat.

Then things got even better when Jennifer, aka Nakomis, won Head of Household, ensuring that she can nominate the next two hamsters for eviction. I love Nakomis, the goth chick from San Antonio who draws alternative comics, is covered in tattoos, and has no problem snarking on her fellow players. She was sought out by producers when her half-brother Cowboy was cast and until the first day of the show, the two had no idea the other existed. It’s all very Jerry Springer. Their touching reunion turned sour when Cowboy became a remoura to Scott’s shark (actually that’s insulting to both remouras and sharks). She quietly became disgusted with him and stopped interacting with him altogether. That may change of course but it’s certainly not the relationship the producers had in mind. The producers must hate her as she’s not a famewhore. She’s quite smart and may in fact go far in the game as the “stronger” players fall victim to the tall poppy syndrome. And she’s just a nice change from the reality show “types” constantly being thrown out there.

Now she just has to ensure Jase’s eviction by nominating two from her group and setting up the veto so that neither Jase, Drew, Cowboy, or Marvin can compete. One wins veto, takes one person off, Jase goes up and he goes home. Pretty much foolproof.

Oh there’s some shit about twins going on too…

Tomorrow we head to Saint John to meet up with the family and spend some time with the Shatnerian Saint John News Team. I plan to spend some time with my opposite-sex spouse, my friends, and family and not think about such things as agency pseudo-cities, fares distribution, call centres, and workaholic bosses who want to take us all down with him.


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