Big Brother

Just when I think the hamsters in the Big Brother cage couldn’t get any more vile, CBS discovers a new bottom from which to scrap their current crop of summer “stars” or, as they are more commonly know, famewhores. The alpha-male posturing, the fist-bopping, their careful cultivation of two subservient males, the constant preening in the mirror, and full-on misogyny from the game’s most dominant players, Jase and Scott makes me believe that the show has finally made a crossover with the prison drama, “Oz.”

Druck of Television Without Pity sums it up best when Jase used the Power of Veto to remove his sort-of girlfriend Holly from her eviction nomination:

“Of course if Marvin was really ‘mad’ at Jase for fucking up ‘his’ nominations, he could have put up Jase’s preening buddy, Scott. That way Jase has to choose between the prettiest girl in the house, or Holly.”

Oh, and according to the live feeds, the Cowboy? Calls Scott “Daddy.”

I. Shit. You. Not.

*UPDATE* The suspected Man-Love between Scott and Jase has not gone unnoticed.

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