Celebrity Death Train

New York Dolls bassist Arthur Kane dies at 55.

The NY Dolls were an interesting side note to the Glam Rock movement of the early seventies playing straight ahead rock n’ roll through a filter of ambiguous sexuality. While David Bowie, Lou Reed, and T-Rex tended to take it all very seriously, the Dolls opted for high camp, dressing like female prostitutes and being fronted by David Johanson, an over-the-top Mick Jagger-by-way-of-the-Bronx impersonator. Their music, while in the Glam sub-genre, could be described as pre-punk and Malcolm McLaren managed them a few years before he formed the Sex Pistols. Johanson would later become lounge act Buster Poindextor and ended up in a few movies (notably as the angelic cabbie in Scrooged). Guitarist Johnny Thunders died in 1991.

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