Joe Schmo

I never saw the first series but I’ve recently discovered Joe Schmo 2 which has to be the funniest reality show on TV.

For those unfamiliar with it, “Joe Schmo” takes an unsuspecting applicant to a reality or dating show, surround them with actors, and make them think the whole thing is real. The actors play “types” usually found on actual reality TV: the moron, the playa, the stalker, the drunk, the heir, the weeper, and the gotta-be-gay guy (played by Trailer Park Boys co-star Jonathon Torrens).

In the current series, two schmoes are chosen, a man and a woman, who believe they’re on a dating show called Last Chance for Love (Sort of the Bachelor and Bachelorette co-existing as the same show). They have to take part in various challenges which lead to an eviction ceremony which is always advertised in upcoming promos as The! Most! Shocking! Eviction! Ceremony! Yet!. The female suitors chosen to stay receive a pearl necklace from Austin the Bachelor (a smutty joke lifted right out of Joe Millionaire 2). The male suitors must hold giant candles to have their wicks dipped by Piper the Bachelorette.

There is a prepubscent level of raunchy humour throughout the show: the smarmy British host refers to the British version of Last Chance… in which contestants played such games as “Tally-ho-ho-ho” and “Carton of Fags” before he leads them in the current competition: “Bangers and Mash.” Every reality show from Big Brother to Meet the Parents gets skewered, right up to the host’s over-the-top lines: “Rita, your neck is as bare as your place in Austin’s heart. You must now walk down the Last Chance for Love Trail of Tears. Right, off you go!”

If you happen to have Spike in your cable line-up, it’s definitely worth your time.


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