The World’s Greatest Comics Magazine

Or so went the tagline to Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four series. And now, like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Daredevil, the X-Men, and Blade, they’re getting the big screen treatment. Today some solid rumours have surfaced about who is playing whom in the show and as it turns out, the names aren’t exactly huge. The best known actor might be Michael Chiklis of The Shield who has allegedly signed to play Ben Grimm aka The Thing (I also read on a seperate website that he’ll be in Hellboy style make-up rather than CGI – good decision I think). The other members of the cast make it sound as though the studio is trying to make the team much younger than in the comics.

While it’s best to reserve judgement, I have a feeling this will be more like Daredevil than X-Men. Besides I’ve already mentioned that The Incredibles will be a better Fantastic Four movie than Fantastic Four itself. Oh and the article also mentions the movie will be shot in Vancouver instead of Montreal.

And still no Alpha Flight movie…


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