In other news, watching TV all the time can sometimes become boring…

Wired News: Bloggers Suffer Burnout

As the worldwideinterweb’s foremost authority on Canadian politics, science-fiction, reality TV, comic books adapted into films, celebrity drug abuse and death, as well as All Things William Shatner, I, too, find the daily chore of providing the content that you, my dear readers, so richly deserve can be at times, taxing.

So with that in mind, tomorrow My Sweet Lady and I will be leaving the hustle of bustle of Montréal for the wilds of deepest, darkest Ontario for a weekend of camping. To this end we will attempt to survive the harsh terrain of the Ottawa Valley where we will be armed with only a can of beans, a compass, and a bowie knife. And we’ll be joined by her sister, her brother, their spouses, their children, a dog, several tents, camping stoves, coolers, steaks, beer, and a radio tuned to a country music station. And we don’t have a bowie knife. Or a compass. But we do have beans.

Batteries will be recharged and I will return to provide the almost daily content you need.

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