“If you can mark an ‘X,’ you’re my kind of people!”

Well, that’s that. Can’t say I’m too displeased with the result. The Conservatives didn’t form the government nor did they make the huge breakthrough in Ontario that they thought they would and they still couldn’t manage to break out of double digits (they came close at 99, though). That’s why I didn’t fear a united right. I had hoped that the hardliners in the Alliance would be steering the party and the Joe Clarks and Scott Brisons would go off to the Liberals. The united right would have a solid, but ultimately, limited following.

My fear is that instead of governing with the NDP or Bloc, the Liberals would instead take a right turn and unite with the Conservatives. I don’t think it would happen but it’s hard to say, given that Martin isn’t exactly forthcoming with his personal beliefs.

I’m also disappointed that only 60% of eligible voters get off their arses to go vote, the lowest turnout since 1898. Jesus, people – the party will DRIVE YOU TO THE POLLING STATION if you ask them. Hell, they’ll even call you to see if you need a ride. Or as Rick Mercer put it last night, (paraphrasing): “People don’t want to vote because they say it’s choosing the lesser of three evils. That’s why it’s so important to vote for the lesser evil. If you don’t, the most evil wins, and by not voting, you’ll have helped elect the most evil. That would make you Pro-Evil.”

Still, I’m a little disappointed that the Conservatives didn’t win because I can’t use my planned post title: “Springtime for Harper.” Maybe the joke will work when we do this all again in 18 months.


One thought on ““If you can mark an ‘X,’ you’re my kind of people!”

  1. You’ll never get to use that headline. As long as that loser Harper is leader, they’ll never get anywhere. People in Ontario aren’t that dumb – we’re not a bunch of shit farming pig-wrestlers like out west.

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