Election Notes

I’ve finally managed to find a breakdown of federal election candidates in my riding. Aw, look, the Marxist-Leninists are running. They’re so cute. Yes, you are going to Ottawa, yes you are going, you bwave wittle pwoletawiat. Actually that’s a pretty good page the Globe has going there. I think they just may be one of the few English language dailies left in Canada that doesn’t charge for online content.

Anyway, more signs have showed up in my ‘hood besides the previously mentioned Bloq and Liberal candidates. We now have lots of Conservative Party signs for a guy named Pierre-Albert Sevigny. Don’t know much about the guy and I doubt we’ll hear much about him unless he, like his fellow CPC candidates, starts offering up his unsollicited opinions on abortion and/or homosexuality. Is anyone really deluding themselves into thinking that this party is in any way moderate? I know what the polls say about them leading in many parts of the country but I’m hoping that enough idiotic comments from Tory candidates and the leaders debates will sway anyone thinking of voting for this bunch back over to the Liberals, NDP, or the Bloq.

I also finally saw some signs (well, one or two anyway) for Anthony Philbin. While the Official Shatnerian Endorsed Candidate remains one-time drinking buddy Rebecca Blaikie (we had a conversation over a few beers about, I think, Kurdistan), Philbin gets the vote because, well, I don’t live in LaSalle.


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