The Android’s Dungeon

Whoa. Didn’t see that coming. Not only has my old hometown comic book shop, the Sorceror’s Stone, closed its doors (another nail in the coffin for King St.) but one of its employees has passed away as well. I never knew Joe Harris by name but in high school, when I’d stop in to pick up the week’s latest releases, he was there, either working or just hanging out. He was very much, in physical appearance anyway, like the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy, but not as derisive and humourless. Actually, by all accounts, he was a pretty nice guy.

I’m still surprised there’s no more comic shop on King Street. There’s another one on Charlotte but the Sorceror’s Stone was the original. The ‘Stone was kind of a weird, cliquey place and every time I went in, unless one was intimately familiar with the works of Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore, you felt as though the other employees (the other ones, not Joe in particular) looked down on you. Think of Jack Black in High Fidelity, replacing records with comics and you get the idea:

“You’re still reading Justice League?”




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