Giant Killer/Sacrificial Lamb

Back in ’99, I went to Arras, France to visit a friend. She was working as a tour guide at the Vimy Ridge Memorial and was living in an apartment full of other tour guides from across the country (students spend entire semesters over there while completing their degrees abroad). One of her roommates was the daughter of New Democrat M.P. Bill Blaikie. We had a lengthy political discussion over beers (holy crap booze is cheap in France) and I found Rebecca Blaikie to be all funny n’ articulate n’ shit. This week, I found out she’s running in the Montreal area riding of Lasalle-Emard under the NDP banner. That riding also just happens to be the home turf of one Mr. Paul Martin, a Liberal Member of Parliament who holds a position of some importance in the current government.

While I think it would be amusing if Mr. Martin lost his seat to a 25 year old Concordia graduate, I don’t think that’s likely. I’d vote for her but alas, I live in the riding next door of Verdun-Saint-Henri-Saint-Paul-Pointe Saint-Charles (I love long riding names). However, if you happen to live in Lasalle, and you don’t want to vote for the PM, you could do worse than to throw a little support her way. Anyway, I just think it’s cool that someone I met is taking on the Prime Minister.


2 thoughts on “Giant Killer/Sacrificial Lamb

  1. I love long riding names.Election night skipping rhyme
    (first posted 2000-11-27)

    Beauharnois Salaberry
    Chambly, Chateauguay
    Nipissing and Sudbury
    Lac Saint-Jean Saguenay

    Algoma Manitoulin
    Dewdney Alouette
    Crowfoot, Wetaskiwin
    Portneuf and Joliette

    Cariboo Chilcotin
    Beausejour Petitcodiac
    Saskatoon Wanuskewin

    Timiskaming Cochrane
    Nanaimo Alberni
    Okanagan Coquihalla
    Out goes me.

  2. I remember some radio sketch comedy show on the CBC making fun of names of ridings during the Parliamentary roll call:

    “Mr. Emerson – Lake and Palmer.”

    Something like that…

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