Aloha Idol

Oh this is re-goddamn-diculous. Last night the woman with the best voice there, LaToya London was voted off ‘American Idol’, leaving Fantasia, Lilo sans Stitch, and Jon-Benet Ramsay as the final three. Listening to Lilo sing is, well, like listening to me sing yet somehow she has managed to coast on her looks, charm, or that Hawai-i thing. Is there a way to jam cell phone signals from that state? Have fun voting in Dianadroid or Jasmine, America. You deserve them.

One high point, however, of last night’s show was guest judge Donna Summer singing “MacArthur Park.” It gave me a sudden flashback to the SCTV sketch of Mel’s Rockpile in which Dave Thomas, dressed as Richard Harris, does that song which goes on for days, extended dance breaks and all. I tried to faithfully recreate it for K but to little effect.


2 thoughts on “Aloha Idol

  1. That is, hands down, my favourite SCTV sketch. And why do I have to “sign in?” to leave messages? – Jac

  2. I’ve written to Blogger to ask why they’ve set up the commenting system like that when virtually no other commenting/weblog system does that and could they please allow people to leave comments as they would in any other system. They sent back the usual “we will keep your suggestions in mind…”

    I think I may go back to the old Haloscan system.

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