Oprah: Defiler of Children

The Smoking Gun has a link devoted to outraged letters to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission regarding a broadcast of Oprah Winfrey’s TV programme. The show in question featured a frank discussion of the sexual habits of teenagers including “blowing a rainbow” and “tossing a salad” (of both, I’ve heard of neither practice). One writer described the programme as so obscene that upon hearing it, her child’s “head literally exploded.”

It all seemed like a perfect opportunity to make fun of the type of person Pericat refers to as witless wanderers. Or so it seemed until I happened to read the first angry letter and the anti-Oprah organization they represented:


As it turns out, most of the letters were from Howard Stern fans decrying the percieved double standard that exists when Stern is fined by the FCC and Oprah is not. Of course, I’m sure at least one or two letters are from actual nutbars.


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